Booze Lolly Trend Could Put You Over the Limit

By Gary Cutlack on at

Today's trend for prosecco-flavoured ice lollies for adults could lead to disaster on the roads, with police warning drivers to be careful about bingeing on alcoholic lollipops this summer.

The trend's been fuelled by supermarkets like Aldi, which offers G&T ice lollies —or a popsicle if you will— which boasts an impressive alcohol content of 4.5 per cent. Which is more than enough to get mummy in trouble attempting the school run after an afternoon in the garden on the pops.

Cleveland and Durham copper Harry Simpson said: "On a hot summer's day it is easy to lose count of how many you have, and then get behind the wheel of a car. If you wouldn't consider drinking a gin and tonic or cocktail when driving, then you shouldn't consider having one of these lollies." [BBC]

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