Breakfast Declares War on Tennis

By Gary Cutlack on at

Special K, the type of breakfast flakes, is angry with tennis player Thanasi Kokkinakis and is taking him to court. The problem lies with Kokkinakis' use of the term "Special K" in his merchandising, a phrase that's been long associated with the allegedly healthier variety of processed early morning grain.

Brand owner Kellogg has two legal claims on the term -- an Australian trademark dating back around 50 years, plus the not quite so legally binding fact that Kokkinakis currently sits outside of the ATP rankings so isn't, at the moment, particularly special. But then he's only 21 so might get better and become famous and then there could be two Special Ks, which wouldn't be very good and could lead to confusion in supermarket aisles.

British boxer Kell Brook might be able to offer some advice to Kokkinakis, as he called himself Special K for a bit too, but is now referred to as simply "The Special One" whenever he steps into the ring to get his face bones smashed up. [Sky News]

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