BT's Free Superfast 1GBps Phone Pods Switch on Today

By Gary Cutlack on at

BT has activated the first of a miniature fleet of next-gen phone booths in London today, with the ad-supported pod offering free access to 1GBps internet connections.

You need to be within Wi-Fi range of Camden High Street in order to try the very first UK-based InLinks internet hotspot, mind, as that's where the very first unit has been plonked down. Users can expect to be blasted with adverts on a digital screen in return for using the Wi-Fi, with the units also offering free phone calls too, plus connectors to allow people not in any sort of hurry to charge their devices while milling about.

The plan is to replace more existing payphones with these posh boxes in London this year, with BT also rolling them out to other cities later in 2017.

BT's Gerry McQuade said: "InLinkUK from BT brings the payphone up-to-date and gives people the services they need and use every day in the 21st century - and the bonus is it’s all for free. But as well as the free services - ultrafast Wi-Fi, phone calls, rapid mobile charging and local information – councils and community organisations will be able to use the screens to provide up-to-the minute news and information to local residents." [BT]

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