Bypass Region Blocks With a VPN

By Gizmodo UK on at

A new ruling from the European court of justice (ECJ) has found that the popular torrenting website The Pirate Bay is directly infringing on copyrights and this could very well lead to an EU-wide mandate that the site is blocked by all Internet service providers in the region.  Most telecoms in the UK have already banned the site, but the EU’s new ruling could make it difficult to access it at all.  However, by using a VPN to connect to the Internet, you can easily get around these region blocks or any others on your favourite sites and services.

Most VPN service providers offer services globally and thus charge in US Dollars rather than in local currencies, so we've listed pricing in Dollars for the sake of simplicity.  Bear in mind that when you click through to the actual deals, you may find the prices automatically displayed in pounds, or whatever your native currency may be.

Here are are a few of the best deals we found for bypassing region blocks:

  1. NordVPN - 2 Years for just $79

This VPN has 739 servers across 58 locations and is a great choice for users that want an ultra-secure service.  NordVPN protects its users with 2048-bit encryption, strong DNS leak protection, an automatic kill switch and a number of useful security extras.  You can even sign up for the VPN using Bitcoin as a payment method to further protect your identity.  Nord VPN is also currently running an exclusive offer where you can receive a massive 72% discount off RRP when you buy two years worth of NordVPN service using the code 2YSpecial2017.

  1. PureVPN - 1 year for only $69.00

PureVPN offers its users a wide range of connection options and tools via its PC client and the service is a good fit for users familiar with a VPN who value speed.  This VPN has 500 servers across 180 locations with 95,000 IP addresses available to its users.  PureVPN supports up to five devices and the company only logs when you connect to a server and the total amount of bandwidth you use.

  1. Buffered VPN - Great Performance at $99 per year

This VPN provides responsive browsing and low latency to its users with impressive speeds across the board.  Buffered VPN is also very concerned with the privacy of its users and the company keeps no logs on your browsing or download history.  The service also has a generous refund policy and you can get your money back if you have used this VPN for less than 10 hours.

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