Cambridge Plant Nerds Prepare for Death Flower

By Gary Cutlack on at

Botanists and people with even just a casual interest in gardening are focusing on Cambridge University's greenhouse this week, as one of plants prepares to launch its stinky flowers out into the world for the first time since 2004.

Its the Titan Arum plant that's generating the excitement, as this is the one with the massive lumpy flower thing that apparently smells of rotting meat when it's fully out. There is a regularly updated list of length and girth sizes on the Cambridge University Botanic Garden web site, which show it's popped out over a metre of flowery stalk bit in the last fortnight and could, therefore, reach full flowering status this week.

The university's botany director Beverley Glover said: "It’s already got us guessing about when it will flower. Before the weekend its flower spike was already 65cm tall and since then it has grown to an impressive 106.2cm tall and we think it will flower in the next week." [CUBC via BBC]

Image credit: Twitter

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