Clubcard Points for Uber Rides Rumour Could Trigger Cabbie Tesco Boycott

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's something new for taxi drivers to be angry about today, as reports suggest that Tesco might be about to do a deal with ride-enabling app Uber -- letting customers use clubcard points to pay for trips home with their newly acquired doughnuts and cheese.

This is according to retail trade magazine The Grocer, which quoted taxi news enthusiast Steve Kenton of Taxi-Point as saying: "I have been reliably informed by the sources that the partnership will be linked to Tesco's Clubcard. I am led to believe that any points gleaned from using your Clubcard can be redeemed against future hotel bookings and Uber rides."

That was the nicest thing he said about the possibility of Tesco bringing Uber support in-house, as Kenton's not exactly a fan of the car-hailing app. He went on to have a little vent, saying: "Are Tesco also comfortable with Uber's questionable reputation and the allegations that a proportion of its drivers may not be fully insured for hire and reward, as well as having serious issues surrounding their topographical knowledge? This situation is not only worrying for the licensed taxi industry in London but should be concerning the taxi industry across the UK."

Traditional cabbies hearing about the possible Tesco/Uber tie-in on social media are asking word to be spread, Tesco to be complained to and the chain to be boycotted over the plan. [Taxi-Point]

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