Cut & Shut R2-D2 Sells For £2.1m

By Gary Cutlack on at

An authentic R2-D2, built over the course of seven years of parts salvaged from props used in four of the Star Wars films, has netted its anonymous British creator a staggering £2.1m at auction.

The droid was offered for sale by auction specialist Profiles in History, which described it as an "unprecedented complete film used R2-D2 unit," although it was actually assembled from parts of several units, with the legs coming from The Empire Strikes Back, the body from The Phantom Menace and a hatch salvaged from Attack Of The Clones.

The auction also saw the actual Luke Skywalker lightsaber as used in from Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back put up for sale, with producer Gary Kurtz deciding he'd rather have £200,000 than a sci-fi film prop at this stage in his life. That was the lightsaber's list price, at least. There's no news on if that actually sold yet. [Profiles in History via Sky News]

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