Darth Maul Kicks ALL The Ass In New Star Wars Battlefront II Gameplay Footage

By Dave Meikleham on at

Aside from some predictably stellar scoring courtesy of John Williams, Darth Maul is easily the best thing in the much derided Star Wars prequels. And it ain't close. The double-ended lightsaber loving badass (dear Sith lord, that sounds filthy) absolutely kills it in The Phantom Menace, and if you're a fan of his epic Duel of the Fates triple threat showdown, there's an excellent chance you're going to enjoy the hell out of this brand new gameplay footage of Star Wars Battlefront II.

The epic online shooter is headed to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on November 17, and publisher Electronic Arts was keen to showcase all the upcoming Force fun at its EA PLAY event at this year's E3 video game expo in Los Angeles.

If you can't get past your prequel hatred and enjoy a virtual Maul slicing and dicing everything in sight, my midichlorians and I feel truly sorry for you.