De.lici.ous Was Once Worth $15m, It's Just Sold For $35,000

By Ian Morris on at

The social sharing service Delicious, formerly De.lici.ous, has been sold to Pinboard owner Maciej Cegłowski for just $35,000. Delicious was acquired by Yahoo in 2005 for, apparently, $20 million. It was sold to Avos Systems in 2011, a company owned by YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, for a rumoured $1 million.

But it didn't end there because Delicious was then sold again to Science Inc. for an undisclosed sum in 2014. The sale to Pinboard marks the end for the service, which will be closed down, with its users being told to transfer over to Pinboard. Presumably, Ceglowski expects that enough users will jump to his paid-for service at $11 for him to make his money back.

Ceglowski only needs about 3200 of the site's users to switch and he's recovered his investment. If there are a lot of users, he may find that his $35,000 investment pays itself off many times over. Pinboard also offers advanced archiving features for an extra $14 per year, so there's a pretty good chance this is a wise move from the man who runs Pinboard all on his own.

Delicious founder Joshua Schachter worked at Yahoo for some time before leaving to join Google. His website now lists him as an angel investor and entrepreneur.