Disney CEO Says Han Solo Prequel "Will Be Fine", Though Won't Confirm If Director Shake-up Will Cause Delays

By Dave Meikleham on at

Rest easy Force fans: Disney CEO Bob Iger says everything will turn out hunky-dory for the as yet untitled young Han Solo spin-off... probably.

During an interview with TMZ this weekend, the Disney boss was repeatedly grilled on what the recent directorial shake-up meant for the movie. Is it doomed? Will it suffer significant delays? Can Richie Cunningham save young Solo?

Firstly, he reassured the reporter the project was not doomed, despite the sackings of original directing duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller earlier in the week. Iger is also confident Ron Howard, the film's new Oscar-winner helmer, can deliver the sarcastic, scruffy, nerf-herding goods. "First of all, we have a great script, a great cast and a great director. It'll be fine. [I'm very excited]. When pressed if such behind-the-scenes upheaval would lead to significant delays though, Iger offered a decidedly less confident “I’m not going to say.”

Hmmm. The Far Far Away anthology flick is still pencilled in for a 2018 release, but really, after the events of the past week, would you really be surprised if Han was pushed pack significantly? In the meantime, I'm crossing all of my digits Lord and Miller used their newfound downtime to finally make that medical school addition to the Jump Street franchise the last film's credits playfully teased.