EasyJet Brings Private Flight Glamour to Luton Airport

By Gary Cutlack on at

People who didn't check properly and have accidentally booked a flight that leaves from Luton can now enjoy a new luxury service from EasyJet, which, for £475, includes use of the airport's private jet terminal and treatment like a celebrity. Until you get on the plane and it's business as usual and £4 for two Pringles wrapped up in clingfilm.

For the £475 additional fee, passengers get the luxury private flyer check-in and security clearance experience offered by Signature Flight Support in its bespoke building at Luton, and are then taken to their waiting plane in a car instead of walking it like the commoners. And there are free drinks at the Signature terminal to numb the pain of the flight itself and ease the embarrassment of getting out of a car at the steps while the common people stare.

EasyJet's Andrew Middleton said: "While EasyJet will always be famous for our low fares and fantastic on board service, for some passengers this a chance to combine those things with a VIP experience for their loved ones and we think it will be particularly popular for those celebrating a milestone birthday, anniversary or other special occasion or for those travelling on business." [EasyJet]

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