Everyone Too Afraid Of Murdoch To Be The One To Tell Him He Can't Have Sky

By Ian Morris on at

Culture secretary Karen Bradley has said she wants to refer the sale of Sky to 21st Century Fox. The decision comes as Ofcom admitted it was worried about a "risk of increased influence by members of the Murdoch family trust over the UK news agenda".

To Ofcom's credit, it was pretty damning about the Murdoch Empire, saying "There is a risk that members of the Murdoch Family Trust may seek to coordinate the editorial policy of news outlets under their influence by omitting certain news stories, highlighting others or using the same commentators in their newspapers and on television news". In short, using parts of the business not directly related to 21st Century to uncover or hide certain stories.

In parliament today Tom Watson was pretty scathing about the whole thing too, claiming that Murdoch's outlets had presided over one of the largest corporate scandals of all time. Referring of course to the phone hacking which closed the News of the World and stopped Murdoch's last run at buying the remaining 60% of Sky he doesn't already own.

Fox news has recently been in the press in the US and UK as Roger Ailes was removed as CEO of Fox News after persistent sexual harassment scandals.

A second phase of investigations into the buyout is now reasonably likely. [Mirror]