Facebook Begins Fight Against Terror And Hate Speech

By Ian Morris on at

Facebook has today launched the Online Civil Courage Initiative that it announced one week ago. The project has previously been available in France and Germany. but is now making the move to the UK to help battle extremism and hate speech.

Organisations that participate will be given a direct line to Facebook and training in how to monitor and react to content that seeks to encourage online behaviour that could radicalise young people or generally act as recruitment tools for terrorists.

Facebook says it's using AI to remove some content, like terrorist propaganda, but having other organisations onboard means even more bothersome material can be removed.

Theresa May has been keen to get internet firms to be more responsive to unpleasant material. The push has been to move from a reactive model to one where content is detected and prevented from appearing in the first place.

While this is no doubt a good thing overall it's quite unlikely that it will have much impact in real terms. While It makes it harder to be casually exposed to things, those who seek out this material will be able to find it online somewhere, be it other websites or even in the more secretive dark web.

The UK, France and Germany have all been talking about a move to issue heavy fines to tech firms that don't take content they host more seriously. Germany is talking in the order of 50 million Euros for such infractions. Social networks are likely to want to avoid such stiff penalties. [via: Venture Beat]

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