Fake Food Poisoning Claims Could Get Brits Banned From All-in Holiday Deals

By Gary Cutlack on at

Suspiciously high numbers of claims of food poisoning when troughing out at the hotel buffet have been coming in, with only the British travellers complaining of becoming ill at some all-inclusive holiday destinations -- causing hotel operators to accuse us of becoming a nation of compensation-chasing liars.

Suspicions we're all scammers have been raised by hotels that feed guests of several nationalities, as it's always the British ones that seem to get sick and want a refund, often claiming they only eat at the hotel in question to make it look like the destination's catering was definitely at fault.

Thomas Cook boss Chris Mottershead said of the apparent scamming that: "It's a very serious situation because it has the effect of stopping all-inclusive holidays for the UK market. It has the potential of putting hoteliers out of business. They will stop British customers coming into their hotels."

Unless, of course, it's genuine, and that when suddenly faced with salad and a bit of tomato and not filled with familiar reconstituted fried potato products and aspartame, the guts of the average Brit abroad do indeed collapse. [MEN]

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