French Teenagers Found Alive After Three Days Lost Underground

By Ian Morris on at

A pair of French teenagers aged 16 and 17 have been found after a three-day ordeal lost under the streets of Paris. The pair were exploring the ancient burial area that houses the remains of as many as six million people.

There are about 150 miles of tunnels beneath Paris. Closed off to the public save a small visitor centre these catacombs provide a draw to adventurers looking to see a piece of history and do something a bit more naughty than run through fields of wheat.

People have been breaking into the tunnels for decades, either to explore or have a party. There are people that visit on a regular basis and even stay. Some people apparently even visit alone. The tunnels are, as you would expect, pitch black and potentially dangerous with temperatures hovering around 15 celsius.

The Paris Fire Service found the pair with the help of search dogs. The teens were taken to hospital where they were treated for hypothermia. They were presumably also treated to the bollocking of their lives by police, friends and family too. But a lesson learned is no bad thing, and it's hard to condem the spirit of adventure when so many kids don't look up from their mobiles.

You can see a more successful tour of the tunnels in the video below. [via: The Guardian]