Gatwick Shamed as One of the World's Worst Airports

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's second-biggest portal to the sky, Magaluf and beyond has been slated by a report into the state of the world's airports, which rates Gatwick as the second worst of the big airports in the whole world.

The AirHelp study of 76 of the world's largest airports put Gatwick, Manchester and Edinburgh in the bottom ten, with only Heathrow saving the nation's face by being ranked at number 20. Criteria for being considered so rubbish included queues at security, the number of cancelled or delayed flights, social media whinges from passengers and long walks between check-ins and departure gates.

Singapore Changi was deemed best, with our European rivals of Munich, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Barcelona, Madrid and Frankfurt taking up some of the other top ten spots. Kuwait's airport was the one deemed worse than Gatwick, should you be an international traveller with a sense of morbid curiosity. [Standard]

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