Google Calendar Is Now Pushing Election Reminders

By James O Malley on at

We're now used to Facebook reminding us whenever there's an election on - but now it appears that Google is doing it too, and may have been for a while.

It appears that Google Calendar users (well, certainly this Google Calendar user) is now being prompted with an option to add the election to their calendar when browsing. Like so:

Hitting "Save the Date" simply leads to the creation of a new event, with "UK General Election" and the 8th June already filled out.

And sure, this might seem like a little thing, but it could have big implications depending on how hard Google pushes it. Studies have already shown that Facebook was able to boost the turnout in an election simply by reminding people to vote. Given Google's equally massive reach, if the company decided to push it really hard, they could conceivably impact the election results.

So Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May, if you're reading: It's time to start aiming your campaign at people who are organised enough to use Google Calendar.