Google Home Now Supports Multiple Users in the UK

By Ian Morris on at

Google has finally implemented a feature in its AI assistant that's been up and running in the US for some time - multi-user support. Google Home can now tell one user from another after a small amount of training.

Google says it's able to achieve this using a neural network that analyses voices to differentiate them from one another. Google also says that the analysis is done locally and happens in milliseconds. It makes sense too because if the Home had to call, erm, home, each time someone asked a question to decide who it was, it would introduce lag. Lag would be bad on a system that needs to be responsive.

Of course, it's quite possible that someone who sounds like you might be able to get your customised data. This isn't a huge problem here, as there are no particularly worrying things Google Home might be chatting to you about. It would be good for Google to allow an admin to have more control over what children can do with Home. For example, stop a seven-year-old girl's endless requests to listen to Ed Sheeran. Or if that's not possible, at least Google can keep a record of who's asking for what, you know, just to prove you have taste at some later date.

If you have Google Home and you want to use this feature make sure you have the up-to-date smartphone app. Once you've got that you can link your Google account to Home and train it to understand it's you. You'll need to teach it your preferences, but it will then be able to understand how your commute is different to your housemate, or partner's.

Google says Home can support up to six different users.

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