Hacker Jailed for Stealing £100k to Pay for a BMW and Face Tattoos

By Gary Cutlack on at

A UK-based hacker has been found guilty of stealing nearly £100,000 from accounts held by Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banking Group, money he used to buy a BMW and a Range Rover, before underlining his stupidity by getting a tattoo on his face.

24-year-old James Ejankowski carried out the crime last December, when he used a weird glitch in the online banking system to transfer money into his account without it actually being taken from the account the cash was in. This trick only worked through Clydesdale's online system between midnight and 01:00am, when, somehow, transfers between his savings and current accounts broke the banking world's rules and he could put money into his account without it coming from anywhere.

Ejankowski used his girlfriend's account as an additional outlet for magically appearing money too, telling his friends and family that he'd in fact won the money through the national lottery, hence the cars and new lifestyle. He cracked and handed himself in, though, admitting everything. So all he's left with now is some poor face tattoos and 16 months in prison. [BBC]

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