Happy Birthday, Anonymous Automated Cash Dispensers

By Gary Cutlack on at

Today is apparently the 50th anniversary of the first cash machine being installed in the UK, an innovation which ended the social stigma of having to have a human tell you you can't have any money, haven't got any money and no, that cheque hasn't cleared yet either, and holy shit loads of direct debits are about to come out too.

Barclays is the one celebrating this mundane anniversary the hardest, as it was Barclays that first put a cash machine on a wall outside a bank in Enfield, on June 27, 1967. To celebrate this even more, it's turned an ATM in the same spot gold, seeing as the 50-years anniversary special colour is gold.

So, to recap. The cash machine is 50 years old. Barclays did it first. It has made one gold now. And despite all this you're excited about paying for your lunch in a contactless stylee now, so no one's likely to be celebrating the 75th anniversary of the idea of physical money appearing out of a slot.

And that's Carol Greygoose in the photo, who worked in the very same branch in 1967. Carol explained: "I was only 18 at the time and had been working at the branch for two years. It was a really big deal and we were so excited that Enfield had been chosen. I remember meeting Reg Varney too -- he was a bit cheeky!"

"A bit cheeky" is 1960s code for he was drunk at 10am and tried to touch me. [Barclays]

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