How Hot Was The Tube During The Heatwave? This Thermal Camera Phone Found Out

By James O Malley on at

Britain has been experiencing a heatwave this week. Yesterday was the hottest day since June 1976 - and as you probably know, it was pretty unbearable.

So imagine if you had to take the London Underground. The Tube is already notoriously warm, so just how bad did it get yesterday?

The PR people for the Cat S60 came up with a brilliant idea for a promotional wheeze, and found out. The ruggedised Android handset comes with a built in thermal camera, so they dispatched someone to head down into the tube and use the temperature sensor to measure the heat.

Here's an empty platform on the Central Line at Bank:

Here's a train pulling into Bank station - the thermal camera works up to 50-100 feet:

Here's the view inside a tube carriage - where it appears to have reached a stifling 42.3 degrees.

Above ground was just as bad. The PR also went to Thatcham station in Berkshire and found that it was 39.4 degrees there on the platform too. Yikes.

Good work, Cat, you know exactly how to get my attention.