How You Can Get the Best Phones for Less With Refurbished Tech

By Gizmodo UK on at

Phones are expensive. These little gadgets come packed with features, have luscious designs, and are made of lots of really rare materials. But that doesn’t mean a new phone has to cost you lots of money.

Refurbished tech is the ultimate way to get yourself a dazzling smartphone.

eBay’s Refurbished Tech hub offers items that have had their packaging damaged, been returned unused, or just happen to be excess stock that can't be sold for full price. Each device has been stringently tested and sold by the website at drastically reduced prices. It means you can get hefty discounts on some of the best tech on the market, with savings of up to 35% off the RRP of some of the best phones.

For example, you can get the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – one of the best phones of 2016 – for only £379.95. We’ve seen the phone still on sale for over £500 from some places, so you get to enjoy a huge saving safe in the knowledge that eBay Refurbished Tech hub is giving you a great refurbished product.

The Galaxy S7 Edge offers you dual-curved screens, which makes it look unlike any other phone on the market. It’s easy to hold in your hand and will be sure to make some great talking points with friends and family. There’s also a 12-megapixel rear camera, great battery life and 32GB of storage as standard.

Every refurbished purchase from eBay’s Refurbished Tech hub comes with a 12 month warranty too, which is something you can’t always expect even if you’re buying a product brand new. It means if your phone starts playing up, you can just send it back to eBay to get a replacement or a full refund.

It offers peace of mind that your phone won’t be in danger.

The great LG G5, for example, is also up for sale on eBay’s Refurbished Tech hub . You’ll find it for only £319.99, which is much cheaper than the £500 recommended retail price for one of the best flagship phones.

It comes with a 16-megapixel rear camera, 5.3-inch QHD resolution screen, and a powerful processor paired with 4GB of RAM. Not even to mention the fact you get a modular design, so you can swap out the bottom of this phone to get extra features like more battery or better audio.

eBay’s Refurbished Tech hub offers Apple products too, with even the iPhone 7 Plus getting a discount on the refurbished storefront. Apple sells the 32GB version of the iPhone 7 Plus for £719, but from the eBay refurbished store it's only £683.05.

That’s a saving of over £35 for the best iPhone available right now; offering a 5.5-inch display, a waterproof design, and a brilliant dual-lens camera.

Perhaps the newest phone on the store, the Sony Xperia XZ is also available refurbished through eBay’s Refurbished Tech hub and gives you one of the cheapest ways of picking up Sony’s latest flagship handset.

It offers Sony’s traditional phone design with a great display, phenomenal 23-megapixel rear camera, and a fingerprint sensor on the side of the phone. If you own a PS4, you can even stream your games directly to your phone over Wi-Fi with PS4 Remote Play.

This only costs £474.95, if you buy it refurbished from eBay’s Refurbished Tech hub .

If you’re looking for a truly cheap phone, the Moto G (2016) costs even less on eBay’s Refurbished Tech hub. It’s 33% less in fact, giving you a great saving at £99.99. We love this phone and if you’re looking for a device at the cheaper end of the market we couldn’t recommend it enough.

Not swung by the deals we’ve highlighted on this page? Be sure to head to eBay’s Refurbished Tech hub to check out some of the best phone deals on the web. Refurbished tech allows you to get some of the best phones on the market for much less than you’d pay on other websites or the high street.