Hyerloop One's Unveiled its Plans for Connecting Europe

By Tom Pritchard on at

Hyperloop is being lauded as the future of public transport, because trains and airports are the worst. Hyperloop One is one of the biggest names trying to make the idea a reality, and has just revealed some nine possible routes that would connect parts of Europe. Three of them are in the UK, in case you couldn't care less about the rest of our continent.

A little while ago Hyperloop One announced its 'Global Challenge' which encouraged teams across the world to submit policy cases detailing why their specific city, region, or country should be considered as hosts for Hyperloop Networks. Candidate cities in the US were announced back in April, and now the company has revealed potential Hyperloop corridors across Europe.

  • Corsica - Sardinia (451km/280 miles)
  • Estonia - Finland (90km/55 miles)
  • Germany (1,991 km/1,237 miles)
  • Poland (415km/257 miles)
  • Spain - Morocco (629km/390 miles)
  • The Netherlands (428km/265 miles)
  • UK North-South Connector (666km/414 miles)
  • UK Southern Arc (545km/339 miles)
  • UK Scotland - Wales (1,060km/659 miles)

We don't know which cities would end up hosting Hyerloop hubs, but the Global Challenge semifinal page that was released in January mentions Glasgow-Cardiff, London-Edinburgh, Liverpool-Hull, and the 'Northern Arc'. Obviously there's a bit of discrepancy with the routes announced today, so we can only guess which cities will be involved. You can be sure London would be in there, and linking it up with Cardiff in a similar fashion to the M4 would be my plan for a 'Southern Arc'. That journey is only 161 miles by car, rather than 339, but you know what I'm getting at.

I could speculate all day, however, and I have more important things to worry about than hypothetical transport routes. A Hyperloop network in the UK would make travelling up and down the country a darn sight nicer than it is right now, and if you throw cargo shipments into the mix it would help free up some lorry-based congestion on the motorway. Let's just hope bureaucracy doesn't get in the way like it has with HS2. [Hyperloop One via Engadget]

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