Intel's Has Cancelled Three Raspberry Pi Competitors

By Ian Morris on at

Intel's three development kits Edison, Joule and Galileo have been cancelled. The Intel boards were launched in 2013 with Galileo, a joint venture with Arduino, designed to take advantage of the rapidly expanding Internet of Things hype. A fourth product, called MinnowBoard will launch later this year and will offer much of the same appeal as Raspberry Pi.

The idea of Intel's boards, of course, was to keep things in the x86 family, rather than let people go out and create ARM code and mess with Intel's huge market in this area. Intel already struggles in mobile, where ARM is dominant, and so it's likely keen to try and snatch up a bit of the IoT world before this is lost to them as well.

Intel is still taking orders on these boards for now, allowing developers to continue using them. ZDnet says Intel will cease orders on September 16 and will stop shipping on December 16. That will run into the MinnowBoard release though, so developers will likely end up moving to this new hardware if they're carrying on with development.

The incoming MinnowBoard will be powered by a 64-bit E38XX series Intel Atom SoC. It will also support integrated graphics and have HDMI output. It has 2GB of DDR3 RAM, SATA and microSD as well as USB 2 and 3. It will also support gigabit ethernet and an open-source UEFI "bios". MinnowBoard launches in the Autumn. [Via: ZDnet]

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