Kodi Couldn't Care Less if Your Illegal Plugins Don't Work

By Ian Morris on at

News just in, Kodi doesn't care if your illegal plugins aren't working, and you certainly shouldn't tweet them asking for tech support if you've been streaming Sky Sports and now can't. The terse responses on Twitter are somewhat telling that the people behind the media centre apps have had it.

In one response it politely explains that it's not connected to the recent failure of TVAddons.

There's another polite reply here, even the face of a rude user trying to get help with "their specific problem".

And then there's this truth bomb, deleivered to yet another person that doesn't seem to understand what Kodi is, and how it's a non-profit that has, essentially been running since 2002.

You can sort of see their point. Kodi is very popular with two groups of people, enthusiast home entertainment users who have their own TV content and who want to stream from the many legal outlets like YouTube on their TV. Kodi is a great aggregator of content, and its own plugin channel is all legal stuff.

Then there are the people who buy Kodi Fully Loaded boxes on eBay and think that it's some sort single company providing all these services. Either they're ignorant to the illegality of these boxes, or they know and chose to ignore that. But enough of them are confused about Kodi's role in the whole thing.

However you look at it, unofficial plugins aren't the Kodi team's problem and you'd be advised not to ask them about your copyright infringing woes. It is, of course, a reality that some people will want to use Plex, Kodi and any other system for breaking copyright rules, but those people need to just keep it to themselves. The same way one avoids snorting coke directly in front of a policeman.