Kodi Fully Loaded Users Now Being Threatened By FACT

By Ian Morris on at

The Federation Against Copyright Theft or FACT is trying to scare people who use Kodi to stream TV shows, and the national press is happy to play along with its little PR game. The Independent has a story claiming that now Kodi Fully Loaded sellers are being shut down, it will be possible to take their list of customers and go knocking on their doors.

This is a really good way for FACT to get people to stop buying Kodi boxes online, and it might even help reduce the number of people who are streaming content illegally. And let's be honest, there's a perfectly reasonable expectation that people won't just infringe copyright, and FACT is the institution that's in charge of trying to talk us out of streaming illegally, instead of grabbing a Netflix account.

For the most part, the music industry, film industry and all of the other industries affected by copyright infringement have gone after the groups who distribute. This is a model also used in the policing of illegal drugs. You don't nick the person smoking a joint on the street, you shut down the dealers making lots of money from selling the drugs.

Even Metallica, at the height of that Napster lunacy, didn't sue people individually for downloading their music. Instead, the band got a list of usernames of people who downloaded their music and forced Napster to ban those accounts. Lars Ulrich at the time said "Well, they fucked with us, we’ll fuck with them" and as fuckings go, this is a pretty rock and roll one.

And of course, while some people are buying Kodi boxes with stuff pre-loaded, there are even more people who are putting Kodi on a Fire TV stick, or another device, and setting all this up for themselves. Catching those people will, of course, remain very hard.

While you are, as a free citizen, in charge of your own destiny and must not take advice from webpages, it's quite unlikely that Kodi Fully Loaded box owners have much to fear from this. For one thing, it's perfectly possible to buy a Kodi box and use it for legitimate purposes. FACT is going to have its work cut out, and face massive costs, if it's going to go to home of every box owner and check to see what they've used it for.

Remember guys, we get good Netflix shows because the company has an income to pay for them. That won't continue if we all freeload and use Kodi instead of paying for things. But ultimately not everyone has the money to spend on things like this, and a cheap Kodi box might offer these people access to things they would never pay for anyway.

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