Kodi Streaming Woes? Don't Worry, Some Bloke Will Come Round To Fix It For You

By Ian Morris on at

Facebook is full of people looking to make a buck, and repairing broken Kodi installs is turning into a booming industry thanks to some recent high-profile takedowns and lawsuits against services like TVAddons.

The idea is simple - a lot of people buy Kodi Fully Loaded boxes on eBay because they don't know how to configure the plugins they need themselves. Then, when services get taken offline, their system breaks and they can't watch things. Because they aren't technical they either need to write off the cost of their box and get another, or get it repaired.

Enter companies and individuals who will come to your home and fix Kodi and, where necessary, install new plugins to get you access to similar content as before. One advert offers fixes for £15 if you send it in, or £20 for an in-home fix. The same seller also offers Fire TV sticks for sale with a 12 month guarantee. Of course, you'll need to be in the same geographic region as the seller for this to be practical.

Torrentfreak noted that some of these repairmen have been enjoying local fame with word-of-mouth helping them drum up even more business. Pubs have been hotspots for people to go and get their Kodi device fixed, or even to have Kodi and some plugins installed on their Android TV or Amazon devices. In many ways this is the dodgy DVD seller of the internet age, walking around and instead of his jacket being lined with discs with "Jurassic Park" scrawled on them, it's Fire TV Sticks with Kodi pre-installed.

We've seen this in virtually every entertainment industry at one time or another. Sky was plagued by cardsharing, when Linux satellite boxes could be simply modified to get a free service. Cable has always had problems with analogue decoders and similar card sharing problems as Sky these days. And of course, torrents and newsgroups have always offered people ways to get access to entertainment free.

So the question is, will you be inviting a random over to fix your broken Kodi box, or will you brave the world of YouTube videos that last 15 minutes with the gems of information locked somewhere after many minutes of pointless preamble. [via TorrentFreak]

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