Kodi Under Fire Again As TVAddons Goes Offline

By Ian Morris on at

TVAddons, a site popular with Kodi users has apparently gone offline. This has caused a lot of problems for people using various plugins to watch video on their Kodi boxes. TVAddons has been under fire recently from companies like Dish Network in the US which was suing the site for copyright infringement.

The site itself is essentially a library of plugins for Kodi. Like Kodi its existence isn't illegal, but some of the services linked to the site allow users to access copyrighted video from various sources, be it on-demand content or live TV. It's pretty likely, however, that most of the plugins did something that the rights holder wouldn't be totally thrilled about.

TV Addons had, in the past, claimed that it wasn't illegal because it didn't host content - remember the EU has just ruled that this doesn't matter for The Pirate Bay. It does appear, however, that the courts are losing patience with this argument and are seeking to remove sites that do this, including demanding Google strip infringing results from search.

And this isn't the first bad news for Kodi and its users either. The EU recently agreed that the sale of Kodi boxes was a problem and now requires that anyone offering boxes preloaded with plugins should verify that they are all on the right side of the law before shipping them out.

Ultimately, TV Addons was a service that brought together a huge selection of third-party work. It's pretty likely that more sites will spring up in its place. There is an appetite for convenient content - hence the success of BBC iPlayer and Netflix - and some users seem happy to go against the law to see TV shows online. [via: The Telegraph]

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