Lincoln Residents Cheat Death as Mild Earthquake Rips Through Village

By Gary Cutlack on at

The epicentre of an earthquake hit the site of the UK village of Reepham on Monday, with locals reacting with mild curiosity and several going so far as to disengage from their smartphones to remark upon the quake to friends and colleagues.

The 2.1 magnitude tremor failed to devastate any swathes of countryside in the surrounding area, with roads, bridges, railway lines, schools, hospitals, gas pipelines, power cables and other pieces of key infrastructure completely unharmed. Nearby Canwick Park Golf Club escaped damage, as did village landmark St. Peter & Saint Paul's Church.

Local resident Maxine Soroka survived the gentle reverberation, telling the BBC: "I heard it and the house shook, but I had no idea what it was until this morning. My parents who live in Reepham said they also heard and felt it."

Her parents are accounted for.

We will update this piece throughout the day with more news about things that weren't damaged by nature's fury, as things slowly return to normal in the region. [BBC]

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