London Brewery Has Found A Way To Annoy You With The Sun

By Ian Morris on at

British people, lovers of beer and too much exposure to a sun their weak complexion struggles to handle. So what better way to burden the NHS with more dehydration and sunstroke problems than a gigantic mirror, designed to shine light into the eyes of punters sucking down £6 pints in pub gardens.

The brewery in question is Meantime, and its "smart mirror" is a computer-controlled disc of idiocy that redirects the sun's rays into a shady corner, giving people who like shade literally no place to hide from the oppressive sun. Except inside, which probably feels like an oven right now.

Somehow conflating "light" with "heat" the Meantime "smart" mirror aims to make it so gardens are full of light, and ensure that people are forced to wear sunglasses for fear that their retinas will be scorched out by reflected sunlight. All we need now is some joker to fit some sort of lens in front of it and we'll have the world's first brewery-sponsored death ray.

Here's a video of this nonsense in action.

It may seem overly harsh, but this is the sort of press release that turns up every so often claiming to have some sort of news value, but in reality is a vain attempt to gather up some free-publicity. Still, somehow it worked because here stands an article about a mirror that you'll never actually see, and if you did you'd immediately leave to find a pub that didn't have one installed.

If you want to satiate your curiosity though, it's at The Sun in Clapham today and tomorrow. Provided you haven't got a job to go to, and can handle toxic air hovering around the 32 degree mark. If you do have a chance to go, make sure you buy a pint of Meantime to help fund next year's laser-based deathray.

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