London Is Great And So Are Its Museums

By Ian Morris on at

So far 2017 has shown that London has an unbreakable spirit and is full of people who will do anything to help others. Even in its darkest hours there's overwhelming love in this city. And there's that bloke who wouldn't leave his pint behind in the wake of a terror attack (but with London prices you can hardly blame him). And it seems it's not just the people making London great, but also the culture.

London, as it turns out, is Museums capital of the world. Well, it's tied with Washington DC anyway, according to the Themed Entertainment Association. Both London and Washington has four attractions in the chart of the World's most-visited locations.

The British Museum was at number six with 6,420,000 visitors in 2016 and the National Gallery got eight place with 6,263,000. It will come as no surprise that the Natural History Museum was at number 13 with 4,624,000 visitors, because dinosaurs. The most visited museum in the world is China's National Museum of China which pulled in more than 7.5 million people.

No doubt the success of London's Museums is in part thanks to the Labour government's 2001 introduction of free entry. The decision has almost certainly increased the number of visits, and gives people the chance to pop in on their lunch break to see some amazing stuff. Tourism is no doubt boosted by the promise of some of the world's greatest Museums being free-of-charge too.

So three cheers for London and its wonderful collections of artefacts. It's not always easy, especially as a Brit. to cheer on your own country and its capital city, but we're authorising some celebration today - we all need it. [via: The Guardian]

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