London Tests £2.45 Diesel-Parking Surcharge

By Gary Cutlack on at

Parts of the centre of London are full of new virtual/financial barriers to some car owners from today, as Westminster Council activates a separate and additional congestion charge element for people wanting to take diesel cars into some streets.

An extra £2.45 per hour has been added to the extra cost of parking a diesel in some parts of the capital from today, with Westminster Council testing the "D-Charge" scheme in one of its parking zones. This sees a 50 per cent surcharge added to the cost of parking a pre-2015 diesel vehicle on some Marylebone streets, asking drivers to pay £7.35 to park for an hour instead of the usual £4.90, hence the £2.45 penalty. Although you'd think being able to find a parking space right in the middle of London ought to be rewarded.

It's being done to help air quality in the area, as part of the Marylebone Low Emission Neighbourhood scheme. [Standard, Marble Arch]

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