Londoners Trusted to be in Charge of a 4mph Electric Boat

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new miniature equivalent of Uber for Boats has launched in London, with GoBoat ready to unleash the horror that is groups of businessmen and tourists tooling about unsupervised on the city's iconic canal routes.

GoBoat operates out of the Paddington Basin, renting its electric engined boats out by the hour. They can only do about 4mph on their little e-engines, mind, so the opportunity for canalside hooliganism ought to be limited; although seeing as they're all self-drive options, there may well be some unqualified people out there on the water.

From the Paddington Basin the route takes a turn left though Little Venice and up to Kensal Green, or adventurers can head right out to London Zoo and Camden Lock. It's £49 for an hour, and it's charged by the boat load, so squeeze in as many as eight people and it's a cheap way to see the posh houses of people with river views. [GoBoat via Standard]

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