London's Air Declared Deadly Toxic Today

By Gary Cutlack on at

Our miniature little heatwave is wreaking havoc with the air quality of our cities, with London's mayor declaring today a stinked-up crisis best avoided.

An emergency air quality alert has been issued by mayor Sadiq Khan, with signs on the underground and on bus stops set to warn travellers that pollution levels are high; but they're sort of trapped standing in the middle of it so there's not really much people who have to be in the city for work can do about it. The alert warns that "...asthma sufferers, and children and elderly people" might want to stay away, though, perhaps modifying routes to avoid the centre if travel is a must.

The Air Quality forecast, meanwhile, issued by a team at the Environmental Research Group in King's College London, says it's basically because of all those foreigners breathing the air in and out and passing it through their engines a few times before it even gets here, with the forecast explaining: "The day is expected to start with the same light easterly air feed we had on Tuesday with air arriving having traveled over the Holland, Belgium and northern France. As the day progresses this path will swing south picking up more pollution from urban, industrial and agricultural sources. By late afternoon the air will be coming up from southern France, bringing with it a marked rise in temperature and also likely to cause a marked rise in ozone levels."

So we need to erect some sort of airtight border around the country, perhaps sealing us off from overseas pollution by placing a gigantic tupperware lid atop the nation. [Standard]

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