Man Builds Daughter A Star Wars Snowspeeder Out Of Cardboard, Cements Legendary Dad Status

By Dave Meikleham on at

Humanity has spawned some pretty awesome dads. Mufasa. Jack Bauer. Pre-beheaded Ned Stark. Yet all of them pale in comparison next to a dude in American who built his six-year-old daughter a freakin' Star Wars snowspeeder... out of cardboard.

The Verge picked up on the awesome speeder snaps after best dad ever/amazing craftsman John Stoddard shared shots of his wondrous cardboard creation on Imugr.

Image: John Stoddard via The Verge

Cutely, most of the speeder was made from the box of a 4K TV. I really should do something craftsy and Star Wars-related with that OLED box sat in my shed.

If you were ever in any doubt of Mr Stoddard's legendary dad status, just wait until the following shot of his elated kid completely and utterly melts your heart.

Image: John Stoddard via The Verge

John, myself and the ghost of Mufasa salute you.