Man Climbs Massive Crane, Man Releases Drone, Man Somehow Survives

By Ian Morris on at

You know that feeling you get when you're high up and you don't like heights all that much? It's a sort of tingling dread that spreads from your genitals (speaking as a man) and doesn't go away until you're back on solid ground. Well, prepare to feel it now sitting down watching this video.

In it a man does one of those naughty climbs after getting into a building site and shinning up the outside of a crane. He does this wearing a GoPro and at the top he lets his DJI Mavic Pro go and shoots some amazing footage. Watch below, the drone stuff starts about 12 minutes in.

While Giz doesn't suggest you shin up anything with a drone and without permission, the footage is awesome. But it makes us feel really uneasy being up that high. If anyone knows why the climbing footage makes us feel so weird, but drone footage doesn't drop a comment below.

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