Microsoft Has Trademarked Reality

By Ian Morris on at

Microsoft is something of a VR-gaming holdout. While Windows remains the big OS for VR games the company hasn't thrown itself behind the tech, preferring to focus on headsets that can be used as productivity tools. However the company has, days ahead of the E3 gaming show, trademarked the name "Direct Reality" which might a hint of things to come.

Of course this might not be for a product itself, and it's not unusual for companies to secure both names and patents on a whim. If someone at Microsoft is working on an idea, it makes sense to grab domain names, trademarks and any patents before a leak sees you lose stuff to some dude who wants a fast buck on a domain name.

The trademark references "computer game software" according to Gamespot as well as "computer software for holographic applications". Perhaps this is just the inevitable consumer version of its Hololens? No doubt we'll find out soon.

Microsoft will announce various products at E3 next week. Its new console, still known only as Project Scorpio, will get detailed and the firm will need to really sell this console as something unique, especially as Xbox One sales haven't been spectacular in the two years since the console launched.

Fingers crossed this is it, and the firm hasn't just worked out how to tap into reality directly and change how we see the world. [via: Gamespot]

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