Microsoft Paying UK Users To Use Bing

By Ian Morris on at

Microsoft's "Bing Rewards" offer incentives like Xbox gift cards and Skype credit for every search you perform on Bing. You get three points for each search and that's doubled for an introductory period to six, as long as you're using Microsoft Edge. Earnings are limited to 30 per day, or 60 if you're on Edge. The special points increase runs until the 15th of August.

For those who want to do some good, you can even donate your points to selected charities. Currently listed are UK Youth, AbilityNet and Special Olympics. Charity donations are doubled my Microsoft, but you'll need to earn 3,760 points to donate £3. That's 125 days worth of searching 30 times with Bing. Hardly unachievable, and potentially big if a lot of people jump onboard.

As you earn rewards you advance up to a new tier, too. This reduces the cost of things as an example, an Xbox Live subscription is 6,000 points but it drops to 5,800 at level 2. You have to earn 500 points in a month to hit level 2 though, which will mean you'll need to do 17 searches per day, and you won't have a lot of scope for days off. Moving to level 2 also allows you to earn more of those Bing points each day (up to 150).

Anyway, you can sign up easily on the Microsoft site as long as you gave a user account for Skype, Xbox or a Hotmail account from 2001.

It's easy to be mean about Bing when everyone uses Google. But the fact is businesses like Google need competition for a lot of reasons. For one thing, it keeps them on their toes and pushes them to innovate. For another, it means that we don't have to just "put up" with Google's way of doing things, we can look around for options.