More Bad News For Kodi And Torrents As Sky, Netflix and More Vow To Stamp Out Piracy

By Ian Morris on at

Video streaming sites, Kodi, and torrents are all, once again, under attack as a new coalition of entertainment companies redoubles its anti-piracy efforts.

Called the Alliance For Creativity and Entertainment or, modestly "ACE", the organisation hopes to take action against those groups which distribute their content without permission. The website indicates it's much the same as every other anti-piracy group, there's talk of the risks of malware with mention of the money made by online pirates. All fair enough, but not especially likely to dissuade anyone.

There are even some stats which explain the horror of copyright infringement. For example, 25% of Australians aged 18-64 consumed pirated content. But if you ask an Australian they'd probably tell you that historically they've struggled to get access to US and UK TV and film in a timely way, which has helped boost copyright infringement.

And we all know the arguments, the entertainment industry is a huge part of the economy - putting $1 trillion into the US economy and making up 5.5 million jobs. The usual claims will be made about lost income from illegal streaming, but generally ignoring the idea that people who pirate things aren't necessarily lost customers: but those who wouldn't pay for the film in the first place.

Anyway, the group wants people to pay for stuff and is happy to sue to ram the message home, a strategy that has worked well so far. Sorry, no, the opposite of that. Completely failed to work so far. Of course we're also seeing an amazing surge in legal services that allow people to watch things at home legally, which will naturally lower piracy levels too.

This has been a big month in the world of Piracy. Kodi has been under attack from the EU and so has The Pirate Bay. We've seen piracy add-ons challenged in court with hefty fines and the subsequent shutdown of services that help users find such things. [via: Variety]

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