MPs Passwords Put up for Sale by Hackers

By Gary Cutlack on at

A stash of email addresses and passwords offered for sale by a Russian hacking crew appears to contain quite a few juicy ones belonging to our power mongers, with the details of some MPs and cabinet ministers popping up in the haul.

According to The Times, email addresses and passwords used by education secretary Justine Greening and business secretary Greg Clark were found within one bulk data dump, part of a collection of personal details that was initially offered for sale then later released for free.

The MPs' logins are part of a collection that includes the details of around 1,000 parliamentary staff and a further 1,000 Foreign Office workers, with 7,000 UK police employees also seemingly having their email and password combinations for some sites leaked.

The information appears to have been collated from several sources -- including MySpace and Linkedin -- with the worrying implication that some anonymous MP who was on MySpace in 2003 may well still be using the same password today, and could now be in charge of something more important than a list of bands they like. [The Times]

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