Northern Arc Would Use Hyperloop To Connect Manchester to Edinburgh Via Major Cities

By Ian Morris on at

The people in the north are about to one-up southerners with a fancy new proposal that will bring a high-speed hyperloop several key cities. Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow would all be connected by the proposed service and passengers would be able to travel between all the cities in a little over 45 minutes.

One of the many things that led to the eventual Brexit vote was the utter disenfranchisement of those in the north. Ignored by Conservative and Labour governments and allowed to play second fiddle to London it stands to reason people would feel miffed. A new link between northern England and Scotland could prove to be extremely useful and create all sorts of new possibilities.

The proposed route starts in Liverpool. From there a 6 minute journey conveys you to Manchester a distance of 55km. The next leg takes 7 minutes, crosses 71km of country and puts you in Leeds. From there you'd travel the 158km to Newcastle in 13 minutes and then over the border to the Scottish capital in 14 minutes. Finally Edinburgh to Glasgow takes just 7 minutes with the total journey distance at 545km.

There are also other plans for Hyperloop One routes in the UK which are being considered, including linking Cardiff and Glasgow via London in 89 minutes. Another link, London to Edinburgh would traverse 666km and take just 50 minutes from capital to capital. The whole thing is part of Hyperloop's European plans, which are yet to be finalised but are generating a lot of interest.

The scheme is being backed by the North East Local Enterprise Partnership and now requires commitment from the governments, as well as a functioning Hyperloop system from Hyperloop One. Small matters, of course, and all being well we should be nipping around in vacuum sealed tubes on maglev trains in no time at all. [via: Insider Media]

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