Old Radio 1 Shows and DJs Dusted Off for 50th Anniversary

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC is planning several parties for this September, as Radio 1 prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary of beaming free pop music out to the youth of the nation.

The biggest celebratory activity will hit the DAB radio waves and iPlayer, where new radio station Radio 1 Vintage will broadcast for three days from September 30th, repeating classic old shows from such station stalwarts as John Peel, Kenny Everett, and, er, Zane Lowe, and, er, Chris Moyles.

Tony Blackburn, the first DJ to broadcast on the station nearly 50 years ago will do the presenting honours again on the Vintage station, with smiling wacky inoffensive best friend mannequin Nick Grimshaw alongside so that young people have someone to relate to as well. [BBC]

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