Our Crumbling Democracy Will Continue In A Crumbling Parliament

By Ian Morris on at

There may be a delay to starting the much-needed refurbishment to the Houses of Parliament. They were due to start in 2022, but the Conservatives may put the plans on hold because of concerns over their ability to get acts through parliament.

The House of Commons is in need of a massive refurbishment and is now considered to be in urgent need of considerable repair. The buildings that make up the estate are in desperate need of updating, and serious questions have been raised about its fire safety, as well as worries about leaks and falling debris.

However Threresa May is worried that she wouldn't be able to assure a victory with her current minority government. Some MPs are, for some reason, against moving out of a building that has bits falling off it and is at constant risk of catastrophic fire.

As it stands - and it may not for long - the Parliament buildings are costing £100m a year in emergency repairs alone. Some parts are patrolled by 24-hour fire inspection teams, so grave is the risk from faulty electrical wiring. Delaying further would add £200m to the total bill apparently in a project already due to cost £3.6bn.

MPs had been scheduled to move to Richmond House, current residence of Jeremy Hunt's health department, and a new chamber would be built to house MPs for the duration of the refurbishment.

Perhaps we should consider kicking MPs out of Parliament altogether. The building is probably worth quite a lot to the private sector. So we should sell it to a non-dom billionaire to refurbish and turn it into flats or something. Those flats could, of course, then be left empty as is the tradition and be used entirely for bulking up investment portfolios.

Let's be honest, the current administration has proved that it will sell off anything for a quick buck, so getting rid of this white elephant would save the taxpayer billions - good for austerity-loving right wingers.

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