PAYD Could Replace London's Congestion Charge

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's mayor has revealed a new transport policy initiative that wants to make car drivers feel even less welcome in the centre of town -- potentially paying by the mile.

That's one option on the table as part of the mayor's latest bit of thinking on the pollution and public transport issues, which has set the distant future date of the year 2041 as a target by which 80 per cent of all journeys in the capital should be made by walking, cycling or on public transport -- a figure that stands at 64 per cent today.

There is to be more investment in cycling infrastructure, with more cycling routes so that the city can hit a new ambition that 70 per cent of inhabitants will live within 400 metres of access to a bike-friendly route, with cycle storage expected to take place of car parking spaces within new housing developments.

The killer section for car drivers in the city explains: "Transport for London will explore the next generation of road user charging that could harness new technology to better reflect distance, time, emissions, road danger and other factors in an integrated way. This could include a single ‘per mile’ charge which takes into account both congestion and emissions objectives."

Which sounds like they're planning to make electric cars pay a little bit too, should the futurists have it right that EVs will indeed rise to dominance any time soon. [London Mayor]

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