Pilot Crashed After GPS Took Him to Nonexistent Scottish Airport

By Gary Cutlack on at

A pilot flipped his light aircraft over a wall in a field in Scotland, with the blame being placed on a GPS device that pointed him to a landing strip that wasn't there.

His satnav database apparently told him the Meikle Endovie Airfield in Aberdeenshire might make a good place to stop over, but when he arrived it wasn't visible. So he did a few laps of the area, flew lower to get a better look and wham -- the pilot was suddenly too low to pull up and ruined a crofter's wall and fence.

The complete description of the crash can be found in the latest riveting edition of the AAIB Bulletin [PDF], which ends on the bombshell that: "The airfield that the pilot was attempting to locate does not appear to exist."

The AAIB talked to GPS manufacturer Garmin, who told it that Meikle Endovie is not in fact in its current database at all, so the mystery of the missing airfield might never be solved. [AAIB Bulletin [PDF] via AOL]

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