Podcast Vigilantes Free Swedish Man After 13 Years in Prison

By Gary Cutlack on at

Swedish man Kaj Linna is out of prison after 13 years, and it's all thanks to the most modern form of salvation from the clink -- modern kids and their meddling podcasts.

Linna was the subject of a true crime Swedish audio series called Spar, created by podcasting platform Acast, which set about investigating the circumstances of the murder he was jailed for committing in 2004 and has been protesting his innocence of ever since.

Journalist Anton Berg, one half of the team behind the series, explained how it came about: "We met with a man who was the main witness, and he came up with a different story to the one he put forward in the trial. We had two different microphones in that interview, I was doing the main recording and Martin was sitting next to me and he had a stereo microphone which was there to record atmosphere. The witness asked us to switch off the microphone at one point, which I did, and he started giving us details which he had not put forward in the trial."

And due to a bit of a sound mixing error, the second microphone was left running, recording the witness. Oddly enough, the witness then said it was OK for the team to use this off-record conversation, so it was broadcast in 2015 with the conversation later used by the Supreme Court as a reason to grant a retrial.

Fast forward to now and Linna's free and officially not a bad man any more. [BBC]

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