Prime Day Is Back On July 11th And It's £59 For a 12 Month Membership

By Ian Morris on at

Amazon's bringing back its suite of deals to support and promote Prime Day (aka 11th July) with a £20 saving on the yearly Prime membership - usually £79, down to £59 - until July 3rd. The company is also going to delight your eyes with a season two teaser for The Grand Tour.

If you've not encountered Prime Day before it's a bit like the Steam Summer Sale where you're encouraged to purchase a lot of things that you vaguely want, but probably could live without. The good news is that prices are rock bottom and you'll get many of them delivered the next day.

Ignoring the Prime Day itself, if you don't havea subscription already then you really should take advantage of this massive price reduction. For £60 you get free next day delivery, free same day delivery (evening). You also get Prime Photos which is awesome, and allows unlimited backup of every photo you own. There's also Prime Video, which is worth the £60 all on its own, and you get to see Jeremy Clarkson be rude about stuff without those BBC overlords getting the huff.

Prime Day kicks off at 6pm on Monday the 10th and basically runs for 30 hours. There are massive reductions on select items with the downside being that stock is usually limited. But if there's something you've been putting off buying, there's a good chance you might see it, or something like it, appear during Prime Day.

Obviously the whole thing is a cash-grab by Amazon to get people throwing money at their screens, but it's not entirely one sided. Amazon Prime is great value, and it's well worth having. As long as you employ the Steam Sale rules, and keep a budget for bargains in mind it's a great way to snag a bargain.

Now if you'll excuse me I got a great deal on a half-gallon of lube last year and I'm off for some quiet time.

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