Queen Elizabeth Prepares for War at Sea

By Gary Cutlack on at

Today's a momentous occasion in the history of British naval superiority, as we shall see the first of the nation's new aircraft carriers leave the dock for the first time.

This is HMS Queen Elizabeth, the first of the new Queen Elizabeth-class carriers to finish production. Commanding Officer Jerry Kyd is in charge of manoeuvring the £3.5bn ship out of its tight-fitting dock in Rosyth, taking it, or her if you're old fashioned about lumps of metal, out to begin six weeks of sea trials in the North Sea, before heading off abroad to start rebuilding the empire again, or whatever its job is.

It'll be joined shortly by the Prince of Wales, a sister ship built to similar spec, even though the wars of the future are more likely to be fought by state-sponsored IT departments trying crash nuclear power stations in enemy countries, rather than on the sea with jumped-up cannons.

The QE class carriers have their own Flickr account if you -- and the North Koreans -- would like to see more about what life onboard will be like. [BBC]

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