New Report Charts The Rise of the Silver Surfers

By Ian Morris on at

It should come as no surprise that older users love the internet as much as younger ones. In an Ofcom report today it's been revealed that 44% of over-75s use the internet. Those who don't go online are also adamant that they won't change their mind, with 86% saying they have no plans to go online.

Tablets are incredibly popular with 27% making use of the simple and easy access these devices give. They're likely popular thanks to a larger size, bigger displays and easier to control that a smaller phone. That said, 15% of users over 75 are using smartphones to go online.

It should come as no surprise either that 48% of 65 to 74-year-olds have a social media profile, while the over-75s have doubled their use to 41%. Facebook gives all of us great access to see the lives of friends and family, and it makes plenty of sense for our relatives to enjoy keeping up with us in this way. Facebook is the most popular too, with 87% of over-65s opting to make that their network of choice.

Whatsapp is a dismal 6% and Instagram is 1% of use in the over-65 age group. Snapchat isn't mentioned, but everyone older than 16 lost patience with that thing ages ago. Interestingly most users in this age range also didn't worry about the privacy implications of posting photos online and 16% of the over-55s said they "never" consider data privacy.

The 65+ age group is also better at moderating its use too, most spend half the time younger users do with the average being 15 hours per week. They're also managing to avoid being upset, with only 28% having seen things online that upset them.

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