Sainsbury's Heads for PR Disaster With Kangaroo Burger Launch

By Gary Cutlack on at

Supermarket giant Sainsbury's thinks it's on to a winner with a new low fat meat for the summer barbecue season, in the form of burgers made out of kangaroo flesh. It is not going down well with anti-meat protesters.

Animal rights group Real Faces of Animal Rights spoke to a spokesperson for the group, who said the burgers are a "welfare friendly" and relatively cheap low fat meat, so it has no plans to stop selling them despite what vegetarians on the internet think.

"The harvesting of kangaroos in Australia is strictly controlled and codes of practice must be adhered to and monitored at all times," the Sainsbury's spokes-carnivore said. "Due to vastly increasing numbers of kangaroos in the wild, it is necessary to manage the population to protect the environment," they added, which is something we can't really be bothered to do the necessary groundwork to argue with. [Real Faces of Animal Rights via The Sun]

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